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Podcast: The DocMagic Moment – Episode #22 – New LOS Integration with Liquid Logics

Posted by DocMagic on 11/17/2014

At DocMagic we’re all about making things simple. This often requires us to integrate with the other technologies you use in your business every day.

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Topics: Podcasts, liquid logics, integration, bfocused, Loan Origination, LOS

Podcast: The DocMagic Moment – Episode #21 – Acquisition of eSignSystems

Posted by DocMagic on 11/11/2014

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Topics: electronic signatures, DocMagic, eSign, Acquisition, Podcasts, esignsystems

Podcast: The DocMagic Moment – Episode #20 – The Compliance Edge™

Posted by DocMagic on 10/13/2014

There is no more pressing matter to DocMagic’s clients than compliance.

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Topics: wizard, resources, Compliance, tools, Dodd-Frank, DocMagic, CFPB, Podcasts, Compliance Edge, regulations

Podcast: The DocMagic Moment – Episode #19 – Why Compliance Matters

Posted by DocMagic on 09/23/2014

Grow your business without the fear of non-compliance.

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Topics: mortgage compliance, DocMagic, grow your business, atr, QM, Podcasts, Compliance Edge

Podcast: The DocMagic Moment – Episode #18 - CFPB eClosing Pilot Program

Posted by DocMagic on 09/22/2014

DocMagic is Proud To Be Participating In CFPB's eClosing Pilot Program.

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Topics: home loans, eclosing, DocMagic, CFPB, pilot, Podcasts

Podcast: The DocMagic Moment – Episode #17 – Don't Settle for System Downtime

Posted by DocMagic on 05/09/2014

When it comes to mission-critical enterprise software, downtime just can’t be tolerated, especially in the mortgage business.

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Topics: system, Podcasts, uptime, software, reliability

Podcast: The DocMagic Moment – Episode #16 – Take the pain out of QM

Posted by DocMagic on 05/07/2014

In this edition of the DocMagic moment, Ron looks back on how the CFPB’s January rules changes have impacted the industry.

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Topics: qualified mortgage, Compliance, CFPB, QM, Podcasts, ability to repay

Podcast: The DocMagic Moment – Episode #15 – First FHA eClosing

Posted by DocMagic on 04/10/2014

For many, it wasn't that long ago that paperless lending was just a dream or maybe even a fantasy. DocMagic has made this dream a reality.

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Topics: Paperless, FHA, eclosing, electronic, Podcasts, mountain america credit union, Stewart eClosingroom

Podcast: The DocMagic Moment – Episode #14 – MBA Tech All-Star

Posted by DocMagic on 04/04/2014

MBA's National Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference & Expo was a success!

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Topics: MBA All-star, Dominic Iannitti, Podcasts, MBA, MBA Tech show

Podcast: The DocMagic Moment – Episode #13 – OpenClose Integration

Posted by DocMagic on 03/19/2014

Recently, DocMagic announced a deeper integration with OpenClose, provider of an enterprise-class end-to-end loan origination system.

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Topics: seamless, openclose, mortgage, Podcasts, integration, Loan Origination, LOS

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