Webinar: Automating the Loan Origination Process

Posted by DocMagic on 06/26/2012

Join our New DocMagic webinar on Thursday, July 19th (1:00-2:00 pm EST.)

RESPA and TILA regulations require that initial disclosures be delivered or placed in the mail no later than three business days after the lender receives the borrower's written application. Satisfying this requirement can be a labor-intensive endeavor requiring paper, toner, postage fees and late night runs to the post office. Moreover, preparation delivery, signatures and return can take time and delay the origination process.

DocMagic has the technology to safely deliver compliant disclosure into the hands of your borrowers in seconds.

Join our NEW DocMagic webinar and learn how the MDIA impacts the loan origination process and how electronic delivery and acknowledgment provides simple resolution.

You'll also learn how DocMagic eDisclosure:
- Does a better job of authenticating the borrower's identity
- Saves time and money while improving closing ratios
- Reduces repudiation risk
- Is so easy to use

Melanie Feliciano, Chief Legal Officer, DocMagic, Inc.
Ron Carrillo, Training and Education Supervisor, DocMagic, Inc.

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