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Podcast: The DocMagic Moment – Episode #22 – New LOS Integration with Liquid Logics

Posted by DocMagic on 11/17/2014

At DocMagic we’re all about making things simple. This often requires us to integrate with the other technologies you use in your business every day.

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DocMagic integrates with Liquid Logics LOS from bFocused

Posted by DocMagic on 10/07/2014

Press Release: Consortium lenders who use this LOS now have access to industry-leading doc prep and eDelivery

TORRANCE, Calif.—DocMagic, Inc., the leading provider of fully-compliant loan document preparation, compliance, eSign and eDelivery solutions for the mortgage industry, announced today that DocMagic is now available from within the Liquid Logics loan origination system (LOS) produced by bFocused. Liquid Logics is a cloud based LOS that is currently in use by a consortium of consumer direct lenders.

“We’re very proud of this integration effort and what it will mean to users of the Liquid Logics LOS,” said Steve Ribultan, Director of Business Development for DocMagic. “We’re integrating everything: document packages, compliance, eSign, e-delivery, e-appraisal, BorrowerMobile, and perhaps most important the delivery of electronic documents to borrowers. It is a seamless integration that allows lenders to check compliance, generate document packages and deliver them to borrowers electronically from within their “system of record”.

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Podcast: The DocMagic Moment – Episode #13 – OpenClose Integration

Posted by DocMagic on 03/19/2014

Recently, DocMagic announced a deeper integration with OpenClose, provider of an enterprise-class end-to-end loan origination system.

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Compliance Edge Webinars | Loan Originator Compensation Rule

Posted by DocMagic on 06/27/2013

More than just another “Dodd-Frank rehash”, this webinar includes how to’s and guidance for developing a practical, step-by-step plan for understanding and preparing for the LO Compensation Rule. You’ll learn what is required or suggested to evidence compliance with this rule resulting in minimal impact to your business.

We will also provide the following tools to help you with a logical plan for timely implementation and compliance:

- A recording of the full content of the webinar
- The complete presentation deck
- Handouts and handy implementation guides

Featuring speakers with compliance and legal expertise, the webinar will offer focused perspectives and hands-on experience with Dodd-Frank compliance.
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DocMagic Sponsors Top Originator Survey

Posted by DocMagic on 11/15/2012

PRESS RELEASE: Important survey will identify the nation’s top mortgage loan officers for 2012.

TORRANCE, Calif.--November 14, 2012--DocMagic, Inc., a leading provider of fully-compliant loan document preparation and delivery solutions for the mortgage industry, is proud to announce its Platinum sponsorship of Scotsman Guide’s Top Originators rankings of U.S. mortgage brokers’, bankers’ and originators’ 2012 production volume. The publication will release its fourth annual Top Originators rankings on April 1, 2013. The list, which ranks the nation's top mortgage brokers, bankers and originators, will appear in Scotsman Guide’s April 2013 residential edition and online

“We’ve had a long partnership with the industry’s top loan originators and we welcome this opportunity to help showcase some of our nation’s best,” said Dominic Iannitti, CEO of DocMagic. “Because no loan can close without compliant documentation, which we provide to originators across the country, we already have a good idea of where the top originators are working. Even so, we’re still looking forward to the results of Scotsman’s next survey with anticipation.”

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Automating the Loan Origination Process | DocMagic eDisclosure Webinar

Posted by DocMagic on 08/27/2012

RESPA and TILA regulations require that initial disclosures be delivered or placed in the mail no later than three business days after the lender receives the borrower's written application. Satisfying this requirement can be a labor-intensive endeavor requiring paper, toner, postage fees and late night runs to the post office. Moreover, preparation delivery, signatures and return can take time and delay the origination process.

DocMagic has the technology to safely deliver compliant disclosure into the hands of your borrowers in seconds.

In this webinar learn how the MDIA impacts the loan origination process and how electronic delivery and acknowledgment provides simple resolution.

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