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Committing to excellence with our Sub-Second Directive

One of DocMagic's primary goals is building technology to help lenders close loans faster. State-of-the-art software solutions enable modern and agile lending, automate workflows, and increase speed to market.

To do this, we sweat every detail. On a granular level, we trim time from every operation our systems perform, even as we continue to add updates and enhancements. This balancing act—increasing the number of operations performed by our technology while at the same time ensuring every processing operation is completed in under one second— is what we call the Sub-Second Directive (SSD).

See it in action:

DocMagic employs an extensive monitoring system which utilizes multiple strategies in tandem to create a comprehensive, up-to-the-moment picture of the health of our processing systems. The foundation of the monitoring system consists of over 3,000 service and application checks. (Real-time processing metrics are available on our System Status Dashboard: The SSD analyzes these metrics to identify those processes that have an execution time in excess of one second.

Continuously meeting the challenge:

DocMagic’s Infrastructure and Software Development teams collaborate to re-architect any process not meeting our sub-second standards. Some of the ways we meet this challenge is through infrastructure improvements, the migration of applications to a microservice architecture, and code optimization. We also identify linear processes that could be refactored to execute in parallel to reduce the time.

Giving our customers optimized solutions that deliver faster and better results gives them an advantage over their competition, positioning them to handle any mortgage market. To find out more about how our focus on innovation can help you to achieve your objectives, visit

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