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Testing the URLA


Testing Information

The first big change with these forms is in the Uniform Loan Application Dataset, or ULAD, for short. This dataset is used to submit your application data to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The GSEs mapped ULAD to MISMO version 3.4.  They used 3.4 because the GSEs would have to engage in extensive use of extensions to have used a lower version of MISMO. They also state that you must use ULAD to submit your data to Desktop Underwriter and your Loan Product Advisor if you're using the new, redesigned URLA. The two things need to go together. If you are interested in the data transmission of your application data to the GSE's automated underwriting systems, they did provide ULAD testing cases on their website, which you can find at or

Uniform Loan Application Dataset

  • Maps each form field from the redesigned URLA to MISMO 3.4
  • Must use ULAD to submit data to DU/LPA if using the redesigned URLA
  • GSEs provided ULAD testing cases

New Concepts to Consider

  • Collecting Homeowner Education/Counseling information
  • Language Preference
  • Other new liens on the property
  • Modified Declarations
  • Modified Details of Transaction

Changes to accommodate the new form will be enabled prior to the industry use date of July 1, 2019. If your account has access to DocMagic's staging environment, these changes are available for your review at this time. The application will be available during the update. You can activate the update by closing DocMagic Online and relaunching.

What do I need to do?

In order to generate the new forms, you must select "Use 2020 URLA" from the Tools > Options menu within DocMagic Online. If you do not select "Use 2020 URLA", DocMagic will continue to provide you with the existing URLA/Form 1003 until the mandatory date of February 1, 2020, at which time the new URLA form will be applied automatically.

How do I learn more?

The new URLA form introduces many changes in the way borrower information is captured and displayed, including bolstering certain areas of the application such as income verification, military service, assets and liabilities, homeowner counseling, and more in depth property information. For a complete overview of the new functionality we have prepared the following resource page and strongly encourage our DocMagic customers to become familiar with the new content and system changes. DocMagic URLA Resource Page

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