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DocMagic makes loan documents ADA accessible

What is ADA accessibility and why is it important?

Much of modern lending technology is designed to give consumers the convenience to access loan documents in the ways that work best for them. Accessibility for people with disabilities is even more crucial, giving them access to key services, more independence, and connection with others. By making our loan documents accessible to visually impaired users and others with disabilities, we are ensuring that these users are able to easily access, and participate in, the loan process.

How we're making documents more accessible

By embedding accessible PDF tags within our documents, visually or physically impaired users can now have them read by a compatible device known as a screen reader. A screen reader uses a Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine to translate on-screen information into speech, which can be heard through earphones or speakers.

DocMagic’s embedded PDF tags convey key information to the screen reader so that it can provide the user with the best possible experience. The tags include alternate text for every image along with specific semantic instructions designed to make all text readable and understandable. The tags also define the reading order, identifying how specific text like titles, headings, tables, and other elements in loan documents should be read to clarify and enhance the user’s understanding. DocMagic has also added preset bookmarks in loan documents that allow users to skip around the document without having to hear its full contents.

Ultimately, by providing accessible loan documents in alignment with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards, DocMagic is giving our customers the opportunity to serve a wider array of users and allowing those users to participate more fully in the mortgage process.

Please contact our sales team if you're ready to learn more about DocMagic's ADA capabilities for your organization.

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